The old adage, “opposites attract” could be true about Laura and Kevin if you didn’t know them. Laura’s bright eyes and charismatic nature is the first thing you notice and are instantly captivated with. Kevin, on the other hand, is the soft spoken, easy nature that seems to balance Laura perfectly. The more you get to know them — and the more mojitos Kevin drinks — you come to find they’re not very different at all. It poured during our first Havana Cuba engagement session at La Guarida and around town. Through all the bumps and curve balls of that day, they laughed and made the best of the time they had with us and each other.

Havana Cuba Engagement

Their quips and giggles as they talk about each other is amusing. You can see the intimacies of their relationship come through in the words they shared with us. I don’t think you stop learning little things about each other the more time you spend with them. Their trip to Cuba was one in several things preparing them for their wedding day. Laura’s family and heritage is Cuban and it was Kevin’s opportunity to learn more about who she is from the people and culture that raised her. The path to marriage isn’t always a smooth one.